Oct. 17th, 2015

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Thanks so much for writing something for me!!! Some general things I like: strong character voice, slice-of-life stuff, slow build, ridiculous trope-y stuff, introspective pieces, long plotty stuff, domesticity, humor, people failing to deal with their emotional issues in healthy ways, people actually somehow managing to deal with their emotional issues in surprisingly healthy ways, stories about recovering from trauma or breaking out of cycles of abuse, sexy violence, growing up, loyalty kink, friendship and family relationships, Romance, threesomes and polyamory, the thrill of finding place and purpose in life, stories that capture both the pettiness and nobility in being a person. I'm cool with stories of any rating but I'd prefer porn to be a part of a larger story rather than it's own thing. As far as mood and tone, I love happy and sad and anything in-between, although my sweet spot is probably in the 'bittersweet and complicated' range.

General dislikes: character bashing, rape or non-con (dub-con is fine), a/b/o, excessive sentimentally or the saccharine, pregnancy and childbirth dwelt on in detail.

BUT THESE JUST SOME GENERAL GUIDELINES. The most important thing is you writing a story YOU enjoy for a beloved piece of fiction of MINE, and I guarantee I'll enjoy it.

My AO3 is here and my tumblr is here (anon is on.)


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