Oct. 4th, 2016

justasterisms: lydia-adams @ tumblr (black sails; max)
Hello, darling writer! First things first: thank you so much for writing for me! Honestly, I love all these characters and relationships, and if you allow me to spend more time with them and write a story YOU enjoy writing, I'm pretty much guaranteed to be happy. <3

You can check out my tumblr here (anon is on, feel free to throw a question my way), my AO3 here, and my previous Yuletide letters here.

I like: strong character voice, slow build, introspective pieces, clever dialogue, character studies, character studies through porn, character studies through plot, worldbuilding, slice-of-life, difficult conversations, complicated relationships, unreliable narrators, pining, the exploration of power dynamics, humor, angst, tragedy and Tragedy, romance and Romance, sad endings, happy endings, and the whole spectrum of endings in between.

I don't like: rape/non-con, any sex featuring bodily fluids that are not usually involved, a/b/o, major character death, greater-than-canon-typical violence, AUs.

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