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femslashex letter

This is my first time participating in Femslashex and I am PUMPED! Thanks so much for writing for me. Write a story you enjoy telling and I am guaranteed to love it! 


strong character voice, slow build, introspective pieces, good dialogue, character studies, character studies through porn, character studies through plot, worldbuilding, slice-of-life, friends with benefits, difficult conversations, historical texture, complicated relationships, unreliable narrators, pining, power dynamics/imbalances exes with feelings, arranged marriage/marriage of convenience, enemies-to-lovers, enemies-with-benefits, lovers-to-enemies, conflicting moral compasses, loyalty kink, trauma narratives, identity play, masks and performance, humor, angst, revolution, bittersweetness, tragedy and Tragedy, romance and Romance, sad endings, happy endings and everything in between

rape/non-con, any sex featuring bodily fluids that are not usually involved, A/B/O, lifestyle D/s, slavefic, non-canonical major character death


I loooooooooved this show! It's made for me - historical fiction that explores gender and sexuality and race and class, that is clear eyed and brutal about sex work and the patriarchy but also makes room for humor and tenderness. I love that there are few girl power rah rah platitudes but in it's narrative core it acknowledges that this is a world of women, a universe where women are each other's primary and most overwhelmingly important touchstones, practically and emotionally, even in opposition, even in conflict, but often in solidarity - because man, what else is there? And what better way to explore that than some f/f? NONE, I SAY. 

Charlotte Wells/Caroline Howard
One of my favorite things about Charlotte is her capacity for empathy, even if unwillingly - for Mary Cooper, for Haxby, for the wife of her keeper. I loved Charlotte and Caroline's convo in episode 3, and I loved the fallout from Howard's death. There's so many interesting routes for exploration. With their huge differences in class, life experience, and personality, I'd love to see them come to some prickly understanding of each other. There's a lot of ways you could run with this. Caroline somehow getting recruited into Charlotte's war against Quigley? Caroline becoming Charlotte's keeper? 

Marie Louise d'Aubigne/Fanny Lambert
These two are so cute! I love Marie Louise's heart of gold beneath a cold exterior and Fanny is such a sweetheart. I'd love to see them get together, and navigating a relationship in Margaret's house, or Fanny navigating motherhood in a brothel with Marie Louise's help.

Kitty Carter/Harriet Lennox 
I love both of these characters and hope we get more of them next season! I'd love fic about both of their inner worlds and feelings about their lives. Kitty's been in the business for a while, and Harriet's so new at it and has experienced so much traumatic upheaval but also seems to have found agency in her new situation. They're both mothers, they both have complicated feelings about Margaret, in very different ways, and they seem like they could be an interesting match. 

Wolf 359

Hera/Alana Maxwell
I LOVE this podcast, I love all the characters and I ship a bunch of things - but this is up there at the very top of the list. Hera, my love! My traumatized robot daughter. I love Maxwell too - morally grey lady scientists, aw yeah. I love the shows brand of transhumanism, and it's really exemplified in these two - Hera is non-human but such a person, and Maxwell is a human with more sympathy for machines. I love how complicated they are - I'm far less interested in "did Maxwell really love Hera, if she could betray her that deeply"? and more interested in the assumption, that "yes, she cared for her and did it anyway, now what." I would love anything exploring their characters and feelings about each other. An AU where Maxwell lives and is a prisoner on the ship? One where she comes back, Lovelace style? One where she comes back wrong? I have no idea how the timeline or mechanics of this would work, but I would love something where Hera's consciousness is IDK downloaded into Maxwell, but Maxwell is still present - or any way otheryou can think of that flips the power dynamics on it's headFeel free to take this one as angsty as you want, and I am totally down for manipulation and whatever fucked up direction you want to take it, if you are inclined that way.

Black Sails
Black Sails is my favorite piece of fiction in a while. I love it's focus on resistance to civilization, it's love letter to narrative itself, and how gay it is, obviously, and how those three themes entwine and enforce one another. I could go on for dayyyys about it, but suffice to say I love it's women two, and therefore,

Eleanor Guthrie/Max
I love Max. She's a character type I'm always so fond of: she is both incredibly empathetic and compassionate but also steely and ambitious. She and her character arc are my favorite on a show of favorites. I love Eleanor too, because of her many flaws - despite her hypocrisy, short-sightedness, and vindictiveness, her will, courage, and nerve make her always a fascinating and sympathetic protagonist.

And their relationship is SO FASCINATING. I'm interested in their pre-show history. Mrs Mapleton implies in season 3 that she arranged Max for Eleanor in the same way she's proposing Georgia (who looks painfully like Eleanor, oof) for Max. This throws a sharper light on already skewed power dynamics. How did they go from that beginning to the mutual love in the pilot? Their relationship in season 3 is just devastatingly great, they're equals and allies, with my favorite kind of tangled, weighty history just underneath. The way they both mirror and understand each other as women who have tried to achieve power in this male world is so fascinating. I'd eat up anyhing that navigates this territory, from angsty hookups to an AU where S4 SPOILER doesn't happen and they manage to work their way to a deeper relationship again.

Anne Bonny/Max
I also ship this so much! I love Anne's character arc, and the subtle, aching, wonderful arc they give her in regards to discovering her sexuality, and how that revelation, and her love for Max, is tied to her character growth in general (from "who the fuck am I?" in season 2 to her "I don't have anything to prove, I know who I am" to Jack in season 4). I'll take anything about Anne's feelings and growth from throughout her relationship to Max, to filling in all the gaps about them putting it back together in season 4, to happy fic post show future of domestic bliss as de facto governor of nassau/pirate queen.

Original Work

Retired Superheroine/Rookie Superheroine
I love age differences ships, I love people at vastly different places in life making it work, I love cynic/idealist ships, I love cynics having their hearts opened by said idealists, I like conflicting agendas or ethical worldviews (maybe one is/was working for the government, one is/was a vigilante?) I love sexy combat training, I love hot women beating each other up, you get the idea moving on - all things instantly brought to mind when I saw this pairing.

Is the alien in a lab or military on earth being studied by human scientists, one of whom finds herself compromised by feelings for her subject? Is the scientist on an mission to the alien's home planet? As a sort of friendly observer navigating culture shock, as a prisoner after a mission gone wrong? Whatever, just give me two people managing to meet somewhere in the middle of an almost unbridgeable gulf, even if imperfectly, even if fleetingly. I am less interested in weird alien biology, than weird alien psychology - I'm endlessly fascinated at human encounters with the truly alien, in all senses of the word. 

Faking It 

Karma Ashcroft/Amy Raudenfield
Wow, what a wonderful shows about these friends figuring out their identities and coming of age and falling in love on the way - wait, why at the end there did it swerve to NOT BEING THAT SHOW? Give me that show! I love both these girls so much, and I loved how good the show was, when at it's best, at capturing how fucking messy it is to be young and confused, in sexuality, and also just figuring out who the fuck you are going to be. It's also really great at capturing the kind of undefinable nature of really intense relationships, and whether as friends are more, Karma and Amy are simply overwhelmingly important to each other. Any story about Karma and Amy figuring that out,and falling in love and getting together and making it work - would really make my whole year.