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 Hi! YULETIDE, EXCITING. It's actually my first! Thanks so much for taking the time to write a story for me!

Some general things I like: AUS, any AU, strong character voice, slice-of-life stuff, slow build, ridiculous trope-y stuff, introspective pieces, long plotty stuff, domesticity, people failing to deal with their emotional issues in healthy ways, people actually somehow managing to deal with their emotional issues in surprisingly healthy ways, stories about recovering from trauma or breaking out of cycles of abuse, sexy violence, growing up, friendship and family relationships, Romance, threesomes and polyamory, the thrill of finding place and purpose in life, stories that capture both the pettiness and nobility of human existence. I'm cool with stories of any rating but I'd prefer porn to be a part of a larger story rather than it's own thing.

General dislikes: character bashing, rape or non-con, pregnancy and childbirth dwelt on in detail.

BUT THESE JUST SOME GENERAL GUIDELINES. The most important thing is you writing a story YOU enjoy for a beloved piece of fiction (or...fictionalized versions of real people) of MINE, and I guarantee I'll enjoy it.

My AO3 is here and my tumblr is here (anon is on.)


A Place of Greater Safety - Hilary Mantel
Lucile Desmoulins, Georges Jacques Danton, Camille Desmoulins

So what my heart has been crying out for since I read this most beloved book of mine is THREESOME FIC for these guys. Come on! It's right there! One of the cool things about APOGS are that despite it's length there are still tantalizing gaps and questions to fill in, and here is a perfect example. Relatively happy threesome while they're playing house in the Palais de Justice to sad intense threesome while the world falls down around their ears. I love all the hints of Camille and Lucile getting a thrill out of her (non) affairs, the strong implication that he encourages her with Danton because he's in love with him and is living vicariously through her. (If you want to take it the porn route WHICH I WOULD WELCOME here's a SEXY INSPIRATION: that line in the book where Lucile thinks about how Camille wouldn't be rough with her in bed but Danton would and being really into it. Ahem.) But if you DON'T want to go the path of straight up threesome/romance/sex/whatever route, any examination of the complicated delightful snarl these three make would be DELICIOUS to me. I only ask that Lucile very much be a part of of things, that it's not just about the two dudes with her as a footnote. I adore her, and in fact if you don't want to write a story about aforementioned relationship, a character piece just about her would be more than welcome. And lastly, if you don't want to be constrained by canon, GO FOR IT. AU to your hearts content. They're college students? Leading some sort of sci-fi revolution? (Cyborgs!) Another historical era? I'D WELCOME ANY OF THEM AND MANY MORE.

Captain America RPF
Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan

The greatest press tour love story of our time, probably! My needs are fairly straight forward here. I would love long, slow-build, pining rich, falling in love on press tour fic (did you know they didn't even meet on the set of the movie?), I'd love a fic of humor filled incident, I'd LOVE an AU (I have in particular devoted a CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF BRAIN SPACE to regency romance AU fic, and all the best tropes associated with it. Anthony and Sebastian competing to marry the same wealthy heiress....only to fall in love with each other! Duels! Marriage of convenience! One of them the sophisticated urbane rake introducing the country bumpkin to the WAYS OF SOCIETY! You see what I mean.) Or any other AU! Future fic! Them finally facing their feelings while filming Captain America 3! Like go where your heart leads you and I will follow, pretty much.

The Montmaray Journals - Michelle Cooper
Sophie Fitzosborne, Julia Stanley-Ross, Simon Chester, Toby Fitzosborne

I am very fond of these books! They are ultimate warm-blanket comfort reads for me. As you can probably guess, I still want so badly the story about Julia/Toby/Simon working out their polyamorous relationship hinted at in the epilogue! I'm also fascinated by Sophie/Simon - if you want to write the story where Toby and Sophie come to a decision to equitably share their boyfriend Simon, I'd love it. If you want to make the Julia/Simon/Toby threesome a foursome, I'd love it even more. (I read Sophie as having a pretty significant crush on Julia!) (But uh no direct Toby/Sophie please.) But also I just love Sophie - I admit I was underwhelmed by her relationship with Rupert, and would prefer that it not be a big part of a story about her, and feel free to AU it so she doesn't end up with him. I love her rapport with the Colonel so much, and have to admit I inappropriately ship them quite a bit - so if you too are intrigued by the sexy war espionage story that could have been, where the Colonel recruits Sophie for some spy hijinks and they have a torrid wartime affair, I would be BLISSFULLY HAPPY. Or just the spying minus the sexy stuff THAT IS GREAT TOO. But if that isn't your thing, any story about wonderful, quietly invaluable Sophie would be welcome. I love the cameos and references to various historical figures - what about an encounter with Nancy Mitford? I love her relationship with all her family members, especially Veronica, I love her relationship with her writing - a fic in the form of an excerpt from an eventual memoir could be fun. But these are all just rambling suggestions - a missing scene from the novels, a future family Christmas, Sophie in the future balancing marriage and motherhood with her writing, fic about the next generation of Fitzosbornes - all of it would make me super happy.

The 100 (TV)
Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake, Raven Reyes

"Well I guess she DID say she liked threesomes" - you after getting all the way to this request I'm imagining. Anyway I love these three characters to pieces, I love this show, and I love every possible iteration of these three interacting, and I'd love a story about all of them KISSING. Again and always, feel free to AU it, go forward from the end of season 1 (and whatever of 2 we get, I'll definitely be watching as it airs so feel free to incorporate stuff from it), set it far in some relatively idyllic future, whatever. Feel free to incorporate other characters, except I don't really care about the adults and I'd prefer you'd just ignore Finn's existence as much as possible.