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dear yuletide author

Thanks so much for writing something for me!!! Some general things I like: strong character voice, slice-of-life stuff, slow build, ridiculous trope-y stuff, introspective pieces, long plotty stuff, domesticity, humor, people failing to deal with their emotional issues in healthy ways, people actually somehow managing to deal with their emotional issues in surprisingly healthy ways, stories about recovering from trauma or breaking out of cycles of abuse, sexy violence, growing up, loyalty kink, friendship and family relationships, Romance, threesomes and polyamory, the thrill of finding place and purpose in life, stories that capture both the pettiness and nobility in being a person. I'm cool with stories of any rating but I'd prefer porn to be a part of a larger story rather than it's own thing. As far as mood and tone, I love happy and sad and anything in-between, although my sweet spot is probably in the 'bittersweet and complicated' range.

General dislikes: character bashing, rape or non-con (dub-con is fine), a/b/o, excessive sentimentally or the saccharine, pregnancy and childbirth dwelt on in detail.

BUT THESE JUST SOME GENERAL GUIDELINES. The most important thing is you writing a story YOU enjoy for a beloved piece of fiction of MINE, and I guarantee I'll enjoy it.

My AO3 is here and my tumblr is here (anon is on.)


Hamilton - Miranda
Alexander Hamilton, Elizabeth "Eliza" Schuyler, Angelica Schuyler

So I LOVE THIS MUSICAL! I LIVE FOR THIS MUSICAL! I briefly thought maybe I should move back to the states so I can see this musical!!! (alas, no). Anyway not my FAVORITE thing because that's impossible but definitely A FAVORITE was the weird relationship between these three, and what I want is that explored in any way it calls to you! I am a total nerd who is almost done with the Chernow biography and has spent many hours reading Hamilton and co.'s correspondence online, but know that while including any of that sort of extra knowledge would delight me to no end, it is absolutely not necessary! I'm asking for musical fic and I love these three exactly as presented therein so much and anything capturing that is all I want.

Soooooo my favorite thing about these three is the sense you get, both in the play and in real life, that whatever weird intense chaste emotional affair was going on with Hamilton and Angelica, it was a situation known to all three and it was an equilibrium maintained to the happiness of all three. See 'Take a Break' specifically for this vibe.

So that's basically what I want here? Aforementioned weird intense chaste emotional affair is DELICIOUS, but if you want to take it to a sexy place where Eliza is like, my sister is cool but everyone else is off limits, capiche? (Forming a harem!) I WOULD LOVE IT.

I love, as mentioned all three: Hamilton and the unbelievable laughing fond what-a-magnificent-asshole feeling he incites, Eliza's warmth and faith, Angelica's roiling intelligence and keen perception. I love every point of their relationships: the most devastating of innumerable devastating things about 'It's Quiet Uptown' for me is that sense of two people, no matter their current distance, who have been married a really fucking long time, and an examination of that would make me sing, what it actually is like to be MARRIED to someone like Alexander Hamilton on a day to day basis, the kind of comfort the lovely steadiness of Eliza could bring to Hamilton but he allows himself too rarely. I love Hamilton and Angelica, the feeling of kindred minds meeting but that same knowledge (see Miranda talking about Angelica reading Hamilton is one go) sort of dooming them to nothing more, as she always knows his exact number while loving him so deeply anyway. And last but most, I love sisters. I love how much they love each other. Basically any time period in the musical you feel like exploring is interesting to me: meeting and courtship, Angelica's visits, the more tragic period towards the end with the Reynolds affair and Phillip's death, looking back after Hamilton's death.

Here's some relevant lyrics I find particularly illuminating about what I love about these three:

-"Looking for an urchin who can give you ideals" - I'm so interested in both Angelica and Eliza's relationship to politics and the spirit of the age and how that's embodied in their feelings for Hamilton, and would love something dealing with that.
-"I wrote Eliza love letters until she fell" - this is so interesting because while the audience knows Eliza was instantly gone for him this implies that Alexander felt he had to WORK for it, and also he gives his writing a big share of the credit in her acceptance of him. He's handsome and boy does he know it, but even in romance the emphasis on his top-notch brain comes out on top. I'm interested in Hamilton's perception of himself, particularly in relation to the Schuylers. Is he always as inwardly confident as he seems?

Please, no incest and no infidelity that is not negotiated by all parties beforehand.

Roman History RPF
Emperor Augustus, Julia the Elder

I've always found Julia the Elder a fascinating figure, and when I read Augustus by John Williams last year my very favorite part was her journal. My wants are pretty simple here, and if this section is comically shorter than the one previous it isn't from lack of love or want, but for the reason that with historical figures from this long ago the interpretations are basically endless and the interpretation itself is what I find so interesting, so I want to give you room to do just that. Basically I want a story about what it must have been like to be the only child of the first Emperor of Rome, and of course even more, the only daughter. I want a story about what was probably (understatement) a complicated father-daughter relationship. How did Julia feel about her father? How did she feel about her many marriages? About being a girl, and woman, in her world in general, as well as her specific highly fraught place? She traveled extensively while married to Agrippa, what sort of experiences did she have, what impressions did she form? What about the circumstances leading up to her exile? Did she actually conspire against her father's life (honestly, I kind of hope she did). Anything using this stuff as a launching pad? I didn't request anyone else, but other relationships Julia had with members of the imperial family and associates would be welcome. (Livia!)

Vikings (TV)
Ragnar Lothbrok, Athelstan, Lagertha, Aslaug


I love this deeply deeply bizarre show a lot, and I love these characters a lot. I'll be honest, what I really want here is a "Ragnar goes on a quest to get Athelstan from the underworld" fic. (Come on, he's an mythic hero, this is OBVIOUS.) Maybe he ropes Lagertha into it as well, maybe she's like I'm coming you'll obviously need help. But beyond that, I love those three, I'd love any examination of them romantically or otherwise, I'd love any examination of Ragnar/Athelstan, particularly how complicated his love for Ragnar still must have been on Athelstan's part. I love Aslaug a bunch, and I am fascinated by all we don't see of her. I totally ship Lagertha/Aslaug, so that would be great. What kind of relationship did Aslaug and Athelstan develop in the gap between seasons 1 and 2? Let me know! What kind of weird witchy stuff was Aslaug up to in season 3, what is being a seer like anyway? It's all good!

My favorite thing about the show is the...world-building, I'd guess you'd say and don't freak out at that, because I don't mean anything particular about it's representation of history (the showrunner has said we don't know fuck all about Vikings anyway so working from the little we do know we're just making it up) but it's creation of really coherent, and frequently quite alien, worldviews on the parts of the characters and how those worldviews interact and conflict, so anything in a more gen direction exploring that would be really cool to me, or just incorporating that into shippy fic. That's kind of vague and unhelpful, sorry! Bottom line is I love Vikings and I love these guys, and I miss the show in its off season so anything that lets me hang out in it for a while is an exciting possibility!